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Terran Alliance was the first de facto world government of the planet Earth, formed in the 22nd century in the wake of the ecological disasters of that period. Enforcing its policies and will was the Terran Security Force.


In general the Terran Alliance consisted of four main bodies:

  • Alliance Council functioned very much as a Cabinet in Parliamentary style governments.
  • Alliance Convention, held every four years, elected the Council, although not necessarily from its own members. The Convention consisted of representatives who voted on behalf of the Member States not their own personal judgments. In this way the Council resembled a City Manager style government.
  • Secretariat, in effect the administration and bureaucracy of the Alliance, consisted of heads and representatives of various sub Secretariats such as those focusing on Justice, the Treasury, Technology, Environmental Affairs, etc. Answered to the Council.
  • Security Command, also answering to the Council, was essentially the Chiefs of Staff and other op officials of the Terran Security Force.


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Tracing its roots to the League of Nations, and later, United Nations, the Terran Alliance claimed throughout its existence to represent the whole of Terran humanity. When it came to power, signatory nations included [...], who were later joined by [...]. When the ecological crises of the late 22nd Century reached their peak, however, the rule of the Terran Alliance was not only accepted but demanded by those remaining on Earth.