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Welcome to the Worlds Web Universe Wiki[]

Welcome to the WorldsWeb Universe, a space opera franchise by fans for fans, especially those frustrated by rules restricting what can be done with Star Trek.

But this is not a version of Star Trek! It is its own fictional universe! So no matter what kind of story or fan fic you want to tell -- from hard SF to high fantasy space opera -- from Star Trek to Star Wars, from BSG to Firefly, and just about anything else you can think of -- you can find an era within the WorldsWeb Universe's timeline where that kind of story works -- and you won't run the risk of being sued by some faceless corporation.

The WorldsWeb Universe is a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial project which means that all contributors freely share their work to be used by others, in return for acknowledgement, on non-profit projects.

Getting Started[]

To get your feet under you in this wide and wonderful universe, start by reading the Timeline.

You can also explore the Species, Places, and Technology of the Universe.

Latest activity[]

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