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Welcome to the Worlds Web Universe Wiki

Welcome to the WorldsWeb Universe, a space opera franchise by fans for fans, especially those frustrated by rules restricting what can be done with Star Trek.

But this is not a version of Star Trek! It is its own fictional universe! So no matter what kind of story or fan fic you want to tell -- from hard SF to high fantasy space opera -- from Star Trek to Star Wars, from BSG to Firefly, and just about anything else you can think of -- you can find an era within the WorldsWeb Universe's timeline where that kind of story works -- and you won't run the risk of being sued by some faceless corporation.

The WorldsWeb Universe is a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial project which means that all contributors freely share their work to be used by others, in return for acknowledgement, on non-profit projects.

Getting Started

To get your feet under you in this wide and wonderful universe, start by reading the Timeline.

You can also explore the Species, Places, and Technology of the Universe.

Latest activity

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